Recharged For Your Week

I don’t know about you but some weeks zap me pretty good. I will get to the end of the week and physically I’m tired but more significantly my mind and emotions are running on fumes. Whether it’s dealing with people, situations, kids, traffic, weather, the own voice in your head or even the moments you lay awake at night thinking about all of it, it all takes its toll. I don’t care who you are we all experience this at different times. Some seasons of our life it’s a little more prominent. Either way this fatigue is real.


So how do you reload?  What do you do to get your mind and in some cases your body back on track?  What fills you back up?  I know some of the things are obvious like getting some sleep, shutting down work, eating better, going to the gym etc. And yes, these things do help and they do work but there is one thing I have found over the years that truly reloads my mind.  That one simple thing is going to church on Sundays. It allows me to recharge my mind and spirit with the core focus of what life is about.  Love.


I know it sounds cheesy but it’s so true. When your life is focused on love, all other things get better. The week in all its chaos can start to pull us away from this core emotion which ultimately kills our energy and happiness. It happens so easily. The people and situations can literally suck us dry. For me, my focused reconnection to God’s love each and every Sunday is critical for my week and my happiness and ability to serve more people in the same way. It’s that reminder of what life is truly about that grounds me and recharges my spirit. Sundays and church serve as a way to facilitate this focus.


What I have also learned is that during my week I have to find ways to continue to “fill myself up” with this love. Things like praying, reading the Bible, little notes to remind myself and being focused on gratitude in every situation are just a few ways that I keep my head and heart on track.  You have to literally schedule these things and make it part of your routine. Without routine there is no consistency and without consistency there is no result.


In general, it’s not easy. Some weeks suck and some weeks pull you from what truly matters but I am a firm believer that making your Sunday about Him and focusing on loving yourself and loving others is the only true way of getting your energy back for the next week and ultimately helping you find success in whatever you do. Create time in your day and week to focus on this. You will not regret it.


If you would like help in finding how you make this part of your life feel free to reach out and I can share more things that have worked for me.

Brett McDonough