Daily Disciplines

To keep it simple, you are the result of what your daily disciplines are right now. For example, if your daily discipline is to not exercise at all your body will reflect it. On the other side of it as an example, if you are disciplined to read empowering books daily your mindset will be one of positive vibes.

Here is the lesson for today, if you want something different in life whether it is in your health, your relationships, your finances or your happiness you must first take a look at what your current disciplines are (you can have bad and good daily disciplines). From there you must alter and set your disciplines to be something that moves you towards your goal. Think of it as walking forward or backward. You can’t do both at the same time. This is the same thing with your disciplines. They are either moving you in one direction or the other and the more you continue with what you are currently doing or not doing the further in that direction you will go.

For a new situation in your life, you need new disciplines. The key is this…discipline in an area does not always produce an instantaneous result. You must stay DISCIPLINE to it for a length of time (many times you will not know how long starting out). This is the hard part and why we call these actions disciplines (and why most people give up too early!). With that being said, this is what separates the winners from loser. The ability to stay discipline on a daily basis to move in a specific direction in the face of adversity is what builds champions.

It all starts with a decision to commit to your new daily disciplines. Find your goal, set your daily disciplines and find a way to track and hold yourself accountable to them. It’s like climbing a mountain, it will seem daunting if you look at the top 12,000ft away but if you focus on one step at a time you will get there. Win each step and you will win the result you are looking for.

Dr. Brett

Brett McDonough