Gratitude Wins

Gratitude Mondays                


Do you have a case of the Monday’s today?  Most people would probably raise their hand to that. Why is that?  Why do we get so burdened on Mondays and feel more stress and unhappiness?  It’s almost contagious!  What is different about a Monday than any other day? Is it that we are focusing our minds on the wrong side of things?


With that being said here is a way to start to flip your Monday blues into Monday cheers!  One of the facts of the universe is that gratitude always trumps fear, doubt, anger, disappointment, grief, worry and all the other bad stuff. Knowing that we can start to change our outlook on things real easily. Or at least easily when we learn how to use the gratitude tool effectively. The key is consistency and awareness.


The first step is to start to actually pay attention to the thoughts you think that go racing through your mind at every moment of the day. It’s almost scary when you do. You will realize how much junk above you actually put inside your brain on a daily basis.


The next step is to consciously start to “REPLACE” those negatives with “THANkFUL” thoughts. So get your list of what you are thankful for. You might need to get an extra big list on Mondays! Just write them down in no particular order. It might be your kids all the way down to your shoes. You get what I am saying.


The other way to look at Mondays is to really focus on what you are thankful for on Mondays.  First and foremost you woke up!  Secondly, so did your family. Next you have food in your fridge, heat in your house, a car to drive, tunes on the radio, clothes to wear, a job to go to (even if you don’t love it they still pay you to provide) and people who care about you.  So quit thinking about all the crap you don’t like or love. Flip the script.


It’s not easy. It will take time. So write your list down and start looking at this list first thing in the morning. This has to be the first thing you think and speak about. Stop being a Facebook junkie at 6am. Start being the thankful one at the office, at home and everywhere you go. Not only will it change your outlook but it will for others around you.  It’s contagious. Thankful people attract great things into their life. Give it a try and find out for yourself.  Be consistent and disciplined with. The results will come.


Dr. Brett

Brett McDonough