Win the Day

What is the first thought in your head when you wake up in the morning? For most people on this earth it is not one of excitement and optimism. It usually begins with a beat-down of your alarm clock wishing the day hadn’t started yet!

So the question that comes to mind is…Why is that? We are not designed to be unhappy so something doesn’t add up. Many times people just do not have anything they are looking forward to. Without anything approaching that is creating excitement is tough to look forward to each day. The simple but not simple solution to this is to find a purpose to follow. It may be as simple as caring for someone else or working on a project that makes a huge impact for others. Either way, it’s about serving people with your purpose. One way to help find your purpose is to find what truly excites you and discover a way to share it with others.

Another reason and really the meat of this article is the fact that most people have made it a HABIT of trying to survive a day. They are doing just enough to get through things and make it to the evening and their reality shows. Being in survival mode is exhausting. No wonder why the mornings are so rough! It’s become normal for some people.

Well, here is another way to look at things. If a bad habit can be formed from repetition, so can a good one. With that being said, we are starting a “Win the day” movement. It’s all about succeeding versus surviving, winning versus existing. When you change the way you look at things, the outcome is always different. So a simple flip of the mind can be all the difference in how you look at your day. When something bad happens (which it will) look at it as a way to overcome an obstacle and grow. When a day goes smooth and you kill it give thanks for it. When you wake up a little frustrated, win! Don’t let that feeling or situation beat you. You make the decision to win.

I don’t like losing and neither do you. Decide every morning when you wake up that you are going to “Win the day”. If you take small steps to winning the day and being in charge of your direction you will Win your year eventually. Now you have made it a habit and it will pour into everything else in your life.

Be a winner today. You deserve it.

Dr. Brett and the MaxLife Team

Brett McDonough