Chiropractic care is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Many people use it as a pain-relief treatment and it works great for that.  Many others continue to use if for the benefits of better sleep, more energy, healthier digestion, less sicknesses and increased performance in every area of life.  Chiropractic is built on helping the spine work better which in turn allows the nervous system to do its job at a higher level.  In turn, the body just functions in a way that makes everything heal better and work better. 


conditions we work with:

Lower back Pain



Neck Pain and tension

shoulder/elbow/hand pain

hip/knee/ankle/foot pain


sports injuries

many more



Online Consults + At-Home Rehab and Training

Do you not live in the area?  Not a problem!  If you have dealt with any of these above mentioned conditions and would like help please contact us for an online or phone consult to discuss solutions. With technology these days we are capable of handling many problems remotely.  A quick, free consult will give us some direction with your care options. 



Massage has been around for centuries and has become one of the largest fields in healthcare.  It has been used by people for many different conditions with great success. At MaxLife we focus on providing a therapeutic form of massage that allows the body a better chance of healing and repairing itself. By improving moment, decreasing tension, improving blood and lymphatic flow and optimizing structure, massage has many benefits that make it a very valuable part of patient care and an overall healthy lifestyle. 



Physical Rehab

Some injuries require more detailed work on the soft tissue component of the problem.  We over comprehensive care that includes the rehabilitation of injuries through mobilization, strengthening and movement training.  This insures that the injured area not only feels better but also becomes more stable and less likely to have further issues down the road.  The provider will give a detailed in-office protocol along with an at-home version of the exercises to be completed to best progress the patient.